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Since the year 2000, The Source Dance Company has attracted the top dancers across Canada! Our Alumni is impressive, to say the least.


The Source has been home to many successful professional dancers and choreographers including (just a few):

Tara Jean Popowich (So You Think You Can Dance)

Josh Beamish (Move, The Company)

Lisa Gelley & Josh Martin (Company 605)

Heather Dotto (Joe Ink)

Kevin Yee & Lisa Ho (Broadway)

Winnie Chang (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande)

Melena Rounis (Cirque)

Shannon Teat (da Costa Talent Agent)

Greer Whillans (Movement Lifestyle)

Mike Ward (Clear Talent LA)

Val Ho (Broadway Dance Center NYC)

Christie Lee Manning (House of Jazz UK)

Cara Hrdlitschka & Saskia Wedding (Moulin Rouge Paris)

Morgan Tanner (Choreographer Film & TV)

Corinne Vessey (Ember Dance Co)

Shay Kuebler (Radical System Art)

Maiko Miyauchi (OURO Collective)

Megan Trainer (Disney)

Meisha Lee (Bloc Talent, Debbie Reynolds Faculty LA)

David Raymond (Out Innerspace Dance/ Modus)

Moses Asher Christen (Lux Dance Co)

Many company alumni have created their own companies, studios and training programs and are integral players in the dance and choreography industry. 

This list only names a few!

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